Our Mission

Jonah’s Ark Animal Rescue is a pending nonprofit 501(c)(3) volunteer-based animal welfare organization dedicated to rescuing homeless working class dogs from overcrowded high-kill shelters and owner surrendered abandoned situations. By working with a network of foster caregivers and our local veterinarians and trainers, Jonah’s Ark Animal Rescue will be able to rescue hundreds of animals every year. We will be providing these animals with temporary homes until we can find them their forever homes. We will serve as a resource to our adoption community by providing information on pet ownership of a working dog and give them the proper training and veterinary care and also include resources for spray/neuter if they have not already been done. We believe that the number of working dogs get discarded due to the lack of knowledge associated with them and our mission is to change that and provide loving homes and environments for them so that no companion animal is euthanized for a lack of home.

Jonah’s Ark Animal Rescue was founded in May 2016 by a group of animal advocates in the Mid-Atlantic Region of the United States, after a long desire to rescue this amazing class of dogs and give them a chance to live a full and active life without being discarded. Jonah’s Ark Animal Rescue will be working with local shelters as well as shelters all over the United States. We will be working close with our local businesses and other animal rescues to ensure that no dog gets left behind. Although our main goal is the working class dogs, we are in full cooperation with Cuddley Creatures and they rescue all breeds. We believe that we are all in this together and will help each others missions to save these animals from being euthanized.

The Board of Directors of Jonah’s Ark Animal Rescue consists of four individuals from various backgrounds. Kelly Greschak is Director of the Board, Tammy Werner is Board Secretary, Suzanne Budraski is Board Treasurer, and Erwin Greschak is sitting Board Member. Jonah’s Ark Animal Rescue is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes of animal rescue. The organization is not-for-profit and is pending 501(c)(3) status. We are fully committed to fiscal responsibility and in compliance with New Jersey State law.

Kelly Greschak serves as the Director of Jonah’s Ark Animal Rescue, running the day-to-day operations. In addition to Mrs. Greschak, the organization has an all-volunteer staff which consists of adoption coordinators,foster coordinators, medical coordinators,fundraising coordinators and volunteer coordinators.

Jonah’s Ark Animal Rescue fosters and adopts out dogs who are currently homeless. All the animals in our care are tested for common diseases and assessed behaviorally and provided with necessary medical care, vaccinated and altered or provided with the resource to be altered by six months of age before they are adopted out.

We are committed to providing the best service possible and our philosophy is we want anyone that comes in contact with our organization to feel that they have become part of our family. We want the best outcome for all these animals and are committed to making the process as seamless as possible so we can rescue more animals.

Jonah’s Ark Animal Rescue will obtain their animals from local shelters and shelters all over the United States. We will take as many animals as we can while ensuring that all animals are receiving the best humane care possible. We will not overwhelm our foster families by taking in more animals than we can at one time. Although, difficult to turn down, our goal is to provide the best care possible, and the quicker we rehome the more we can save. We will work with owner surrender dogs as well, and at first try and provide education and training to see if the animal can stay with their forever family. Working dogs have a high energy and get a bad reputation of being difficult, but with the right education and resources are the most amazing loyal and lovable dogs.

Fostering animals in need is the most important part of our organization, these families provide temporary homes while we work endlessly to find their forever homes. They will have constant contact with us, we provide each family with an agreement that lays out the expectations of care and contact information and veterinary care. They are the foundation of care and we could not do what we do without them.

Jonah’s Ark Animal Rescues goal is to get as many animals into their forever homes as soon as possible, but also want them to stay for the remainder of their lives, so we make it our mission to always provide the best possible information and training for our adoptions. We will always be their for them and hope they become part of our forever family.

Jonah’s Ark Animal Rescue will fund its operations with adoption fees, fundraising events, donations, corporate matching programs and grants. All positions in our organization are unpaid. The vast majority of funds go directly towards the rescue operations and veterinary care of the animals. The rest goes into the daily care and business expenses.

In general, our foster families provide their own food, bowls, toys etc..for the fosters they have agreed to home temporarily, except for veterinary care that will be provided at approved locations from our organization. One of our goals is to eventually be able to receive donations for these items to help offset the foster families expense.

Jonah’s Ark Animal Rescue has registered under the domain name www.jonahsarkanimalrescue.com. The website will have all our information and links to our facebook page as well. We will have all our available animals listed on petfinder.com with links directly to our website.

Jonah’s Ark Animal Rescues long term goal is to eventually be able to have a farm to provide permanent homes for the animals that don’t get adopted out and to have volunteers and special needs volunteers be able to work the farm, not only providing an animal sanctuary for animals but also a place for special needs adults to connect and benefit from the love of these rescue animals.

About Us

We started Jonah’s Ark Animal Rescue with two main goals. The first was for our son, Jonah, who was born with a rare genetic disorder and has an IQ of about 50 along with multiple medical issues. He is now 18, and ever since he was little the connection he has with animals is amazing and the connection they have with him amazes us! So through his love of animals and his compassionate heart we knew what we had to do for him.   Read More >


Through the generous donations of its supporters, Jonah's Ark Animal Rescue is able to supply the needs of the animals it rescues, including food & nutrition, veterinary services and vaccinations, travel costs to pet adoption days and more. Would you consider making a one-time donation?